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Sepiberia is a website that gives you an insight as to what Siberia is all about! On this page, you can expect to find all the great things about Siberia and what Siberia has to offer. Everything that needs to be seen and done if you are travelling to this beautiful place and everything that you need to try and do once you are there will all be shared on this page.

These blogs will be our own opinion and it is not guarunteed that you will enjoy the same things that we do, so please just do what you think is best for you. There are three of us that use this page and all three of us have different views but we will always talk about our points first before writing a blog so that there is no confusion as to what places are best and what is the best food that you must try whilst in Siberia!

We are a small group that live in Siberia and we are all so passionate about the place, what it has to offer and what you leave Siberia with. We are all from completely different parts of the world and had all travelled to Siberia around the same time. Although the three of us had never met before that holiday, the three of us soon began talking and as each of us came to Siberia alone to travel and explore, we decided to do it together instead. We all did a lot of exploring together and when it came to us departing and living Siberia, it soon became clear that all three of us couldn’t bare the thought of not waking up in this magical place, so as the saying goes… we thought ‘yolo’! All three of us have now been exploring the most beautiful parts of Siberia and are still doing so now.

Even though we have all been here for around 2 years now, some of our posts will be about our most recent travels as we have still to this day not seen all of Siberia and its beauty. We wanted to share our experiences with you and really give you an insight as to what Siberia can really offer you. We hope if you are travelling to Siberia we can help you out with our knowledge and if you aren’t, after reading our posts we hope you decide to explore the wonders of Siberia! You can contact us by clicking here.

Peace out,

The Three Muskateers.

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